2013 m. Lenkijos atviras motoparasparnių čempionatas

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2013 m. Lenkijos atviras motoparasparnių čempionatas

Standartinė Reno » 07 Bir 2013 17:59

Lenkijos AK ULO draugija 2013 m. liepos 23-28 dienomis kviečia į Czestochow'o aeroklubą, kur vyks:
- 15-as Lenkijos atviras motoparasparnių čempionatas;
- 1-as Lenkijos motoparasparnių slalomo čempionatas;
- FAI CIMA motoparasparnių Pasaulio lygos taurės varžybos;
- Lenkijos motoparasparnių lygos varžybos.

Starto mokestis - 50 eur. Maistas ir pragyvenimas - savo lėšomis.

Daugiau informacijos:


Lenkų atsiųstas informacinis raštas (yra variantas ir rusų kalba):
Biuletyn nr 1.
FAI CIMA World League Cup
Polish Open National Paramotor Championships
15th Paramotor Polish Championships
1st Slalom Paramotor Polish Championships
Polish Paramotor League
Częstochowa – Rudniki 2013
Date: 23-28 lipca 2013 r
Site: Aeroklub Częstochowski airfield - Rudniki.
Kościelec, ul Jana Pawła II 101
42-240 Rudniki
http://www.aeroklub-czestochowa.org.pl/ ... dniki.html
Organizers: Aeroklub Częstochowski
Polish Aeroclub Microlight Commission
Paramotor Team Poland
Polish Paragliding Association
Contact : Adam Paska adampaska@kadrappg.pl +48 501 122 710
Sport Director: Adam Paska
Competition websites with all rules and catalogues : http://www.kadrappg.pl and
Pilots registration:
via the PSP website - http://sport.psp.org.pl/pl/plmp/rejestracja and before
the competition on 22nd July 2013, 14.00 -20.00 in the Meeting Bureau.
Tasks setting:Depending on the weather conditions, tasks form 23 to 28 July may be
arranged alternately for the 15th PPC and 1st SPPC (in turns).
First briefing :
22nd July (Monday) 20.00 hrs - Aeroklub Częstochowski conference hall
Terms of participation:
valid PPG licence or its equivalent
FAI Sporting Licence*
valid third party liability insurance
signing of the competitor registration form on the day of registration
Possesion of airworthy canopy and paramotor
* pilots not possessing FAI (NAC) sporting licenses will be allowed to
participate in the competition, but they will not be classified in Worlds
League Cup, 15th PPC and 1st SPPC results. Points won will be good for
the Polish Paramotor League.
Entry fee:
50 euro (200 zł) payable to Aeroklub Polski account:
19 2030 0045 1110 0000 0253 5440 (BANK BGŻ )
Please add „MP PPG” as accompanying text.
Entry fee must be paid to 15th July 2013roku.
It is possible to pay the fee on registration (22nd July), but it will be 70 Euro
(300 zł) then.
Room and board to be arranged individually. There is a camping site and a
hotel on the airfield, as well as considerable number of hotels, pensions and
agrotouristic farms in the vicinity .
More details : http://www.aeroklub-czestochowa.org.pl/ ... ieacz.html on the airfield
http://www.aeroklub-czestochowa.org.pl/ ... emacz.html in the area
There is a restaurants on the air field as well, serving full board from the early
GPS loggers:
It is recommended to have an AMOD or MLR type loggers, in case of other
equipment please take necessary cables and drivers. Please remember that
the logger must be working in time and not distance regime.
Competition will be held in four classes: PF1, PL1, PF2 and PL2. When less
than 3 crews are present (PF2/PL2 ), these classes can be classified as
During entire meet following titles will be determined:
WLC Polish Open National Paramotor Champion – (as of 15th PPC)
Polish Champion (as of 15th PPC)
Winners of the 1st SPPC (open)
Polish Champions (1st SPPC )
Points gained for the 2013 PPL will include 15th PPC navigation, economy,
precision and open rankings of all classes. Points won in the 1st SPPC will be
included only in the agility rankings of all classes. Points won within Polish
Championships will have a + 50% bonificate as compared with other League
NOTE !!!
Results of pilots not possessing the FAI Sporting Licence will be visible only in
the Open classification and will not be included in the WLC ranking by the
Sport Director
Adam Paska

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